Better performance, accuracy and reliability

Better performance, accuracy and reliability

Thermal cycling for firearms relieves stress, strengthens, improves performance and  extends the life of barrels, bolts, extractors, firing pins and other critical parts. Repeated firing creates stresses that cause a barrel to bend or warp slightly as it heats, which destabilizes the projectile. Our Thermal Cycling process relieves these stresses in barrels and parts, preventing warpage, improving heat dissipation, and substantially reducing vibration resulting in better accuracy, more stability, a more consistent performance and substantially longer life.

ALLIED SERVICES GROUP, INC testing of Bushmaster XM15E2S 20

VELOCITY: The treated weapon showed an increase in velocity of 77 FPS.

Heat Distribution: : The treated barrel showed a faster cool down time between  strings of 10 minutes.

Conclusion: Less heat, and a more even  distribution of heat in combination with faster release of heat results in a longer  lasting barrel and a more repeatable firing pattern.