There are four markets that are potentially substantial, trash, public transit, military and commercial fleet (post office as one example).

A transit bus brake drum weighs from 110 pounds to 189 pounds the cost is from $65.00 to $260 each.
A transit bus in a city travels on the average of 300 miles per day and normally are changed at 32,000 miles, plus or minus, so on the average the brakes are changed every 100 days.

Webb Wheel is the number two national supplier of heavy-duty brake drums, this also includes trash trucks.

Over a period of a year, they did multiple Dynamometer (Dyno) tests, this test is a destruct test that is used to determine the overall quality of the product, it was created to destroy a brake drum. They pull a drum out of production, put it on a Dyno and it must last between 14 and 17 acceleration and hard stops before it is destroyed. This is normal in the industry.

WEBB Wheels supplied drums that were treated by the Thermal Process and were submitted to the same test, Thermal Processed drums lasted 86 stops, they did not believe the results of the test so they did another test, it went 76 stops, and in the end the drum had no stress cracks as were the untreated drums.  

The trash market is the same, an average trash truck in a city makes between 700 to 900 stops per day, without our technology they average 96 days with it 7 to 9 months.



As you are aware, we entered into a trial program with you using your process on our Brake Parts. We are pleased to inform you that after several months of trial on various vehicles (heavy duty) we have seen impressive results, in all cases, in excess of 3 times the life.

Gorilla Brake is the largest independent re-manufacturer of Heavy-Duty Brake shoes in North America. We also provide several trailer components under the Gorilla name such as drums, wheels, spring brakes, air disc, hydraulic disc and slack adjusters.

Producing in excess of 1.5M brake pads a year, in addition to the distribution of drums and discs per year. Gorilla Brake is willing to participate in all aspects of marketing and testing this product.

Andre LaLonde


Gorilla Brakes and Components