This technology detects fatigue in metal, preventing disasters such as bridge collapses, airplane crashes, train derailments and other accidents due to metal fatigue.

We are very excited about our technology. We believe structural monitoring could revolutionize disaster prevention.

All metals have a specific harmonic frequency, known as a “Vibrational Signature". In the case of bridges, they actually move and sway, making adjustments to wind, heavy loads caused by traffic, even pedestrian movement. Each time a bridge faces a heavy truckload, the stable shape of the bridge changes slightly to handle the stress, producing a Vibrational Signature, or “Footprint”, at each bridge joint.

Harmonic Footprinting is the process of recording and comparing Vibrational Signatures of each bridge joint over a period of time. This is accomplished by installing small sensors into each metal joint. The “Footprints” are continuously synthesized and stored in a database.

Once the Footprints are captured, the Bridge can now be monitored 24/7, with new Footprints at each bridge joint constantly being recorded and sent. When the new Footprint fails to match the Footprint in the database, the bridge inspector is immediately alerted. The alert directs the inspector to the exact location of the joint in question.

The versatility of this system allows numerous bridges to be monitored simultaneously from a single location.